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Raisa Cazacu Organized Chaoz

Consulting services for Supply Chains

Building winning business models

Mapping, standardizing & improving existing processes & procedures

Implementing KPI’s for new introduced processes, roles & activities

Delivering savings through highly satisfied customers


No matter how great the business strategy is,

if Supply Chain & Operations function within an organization

don’t meet the mark, it’s game over.

  • Personal practice & experience

  • Industry experience

  • Analytics capabilities

Raisa Cazacu

My personal practice & experience is helping companies integrate business strategy with supply chain initiatives to drive operational excellence.

Deep industry experience encompasses portfolio management, inventory strategy, lifecycle management, change of manufacturing footprint strategy and operations, implementation of service strategy and logistics optimization.

I employ realistic, pragmatic, data & statistic-based, programmatic approaches, analytics capabilities, and offer managed services that can help improve top-line growth, reduce costs, lower response times and increase overall Supply Chain & Operations productivity.