Mission of the function within the Supply Chain Planning & organisation itself :

Deliver the Specifications, the state of art of Supply Chain & Sales CrossFunctional KPI’s


Function KPI’s

  • Minimum Order Value (MOV)
  • Rush Orders
  • Order Frequeincy
  • Lead-Time
  • Minimum Item Quantiy (MIQ)
  • Order cancelation
  • Returns Management
  • Order Rescheduling
  • Days of Service


Brief description of the Service Strategy Manager Role is to :

  • enforce the Implementation of the Service Strategy
  • Classificate with the Sales Force the Customer Segmentation
  • Coordinate with Supply Chain Planning teams the implementation into the ERP of Business Service Standards
  • drive the execution of defined Service Initiatives for specific customers
  • engage with crossfunctional teams (CS, SC, Logistics, Sales) around a specific customer and coordinate those teams set-up around the implementation of a specific customer’s service plan
  • monitor and ensure adherence to agreed targets (quantitative and qualitative)
  • conduct regular customer visits to review performance, agree on levels for improvement and trigger profitable collaboration initiatives with the customer

The Service Strategy Manager role is project related – the role is not for fire-fighting nor for solving any daily operational questions
Closing the bridge between KAM, Customer Service, Supply Chain Planning and Logistics, the Service Strategy Manager is clearly a value-adding role.


Status Quo : Definition of the key elements. Country based, Cross-Regional, Global or SBU/Segment related.

Business Model : Design phase & Roll Out
Role can be set-up locally, regionally or globally depending on Market Characteristics, Needs and Potential.

Belongs to Supply Chain Planning, since it needs a cross market segment entity to ensure:

  • Skills development (mainly in supply chain  training / career plan)
  • Review people performance
  • Enforce networking (one team)


Key Processes of the function Service Strategy Manager

  • Select Customers for Service Plan Development & Execution
  • Develop Service Plan for Customer XYZ
  • Implement Service Plan for Customer XYZ
  • Select mass initiative/ rule to be implemented (e.g. in Country)
  • Implement selected Mass Rules
  • Review and Update UA Service Catalogue & Service Targets (Yearly)
  • Update Customer Segmentation (Yearly, all SBUs)
  • Segmentation in case of New Customer Creation
  • Country based or Regional best practices exchange post Roll Out




Role covered June 2012 – May 2013

within Supply Chain Operations


Savings Identified in Adehsives Industrial CEE region : 1 mln € in transported broken palets

KPI involved : Customer Minimum Item Quantity


Development of Product Availability Matrix : MTS, MTO, MTO Batch, MTO pallet

Business Service Strandarts : Definition of Custmer Surcharges.


Development of a Service Plan in Poland


Projects :

Service Strategy related Projects