Mission of the function within the organisation itself : Control over the CNWC Cash Net Working Capital through a mutitude of functions within Supply Chain Planning, from local plant based roles to regional or global.

Function KPI’s

  • Forecast Accuracy (accountable)
  • Demand (accountable)
  • Production Volumes (accountable)
  • Service Level (accountable)
  • Service Level Product Availability (responsible)
  • Outstanding Orders (accountable)
  • Inventory Level (responsible)
  • Inventory Profile (responsible)
  • Non Saleable Stock (accountable)
  • Minimum Shelf life Period (accountabe)

Based on company sizes and ERP systems used, Supply Chain Planning business models may vary through following functions. Split of responsabilities of owned KPI’s within each of the function might be per Asset, Network, sub-Sales Business Unit, In-House Production or Contract Manufactured groups of goods.


Following Business Model might be driven by company size & APO implementation

Demand Plannerestimate product quantities that will be required in the future (3 to 12 months). For this purpose, demand planners use statistical forecast techniques and their own knowledge to estimate the demand for selected products. Demand planning is customer and market driven. Crossfunctional relationship interaction  is with Supply Planner, Analytics Dept, Control Tower, Sales/Marketing, Production, Sales & Operations Meetings. Responsabilities :

  • Create a monthly demand plan for assigned product scope
  • Follow up with Sales&Marketing on sales activities impacting the demand forecast such as promotions, new product introductions or market changes
  • Prepare and facilitate the monthly local S&OP Meeting
  • Work in close collaboration with Analytics Center and validate / reconcile Statistical Forecast being delivered by Analytics Center
  • Continuously improve the forecast accuracy by improving forecasting techniques, by conducting root causes of poor forecast accuracy and by challenging the demand input provided by the sales department

Reporting LInes : Demand Planners Team Lead


Supply Planner : creates mid-term and long-term production plans for a certain set of products, monitors and manages the inventory levels for these products by working closely together with the Control Tower. Performs supply planning tasks, which are replenishment planning, rough cut capacity planning and inventory planning based. Crossfunctional relationship interaction  is with Demand Planner, Analytics Dept, Control Tower, Schedulers & Operations, InterCompany Demand Planner, Sales & Operations Meetings. Responsabilities :

  • Creates coordinated rolling capacity plan and production plan for dedicated assets based on input from demand & supply balancing processes and manufacturing.
  • Monitors and manages inventory levels, e.g. slow movers
  • Gives notification on supply bottlenecks
  • Works close together with the control tower on stock allocation
  • Works closely with the intercompany demand planner to include the full demand requirements into the rough cut plan
  • Works in close collaboration with Analytics Center and validate / reconcile supply parameters by Center of Competence

Reporting LInes : Supply Planners Team Lead


Either following set-up might be adopted by small sized companies with SAP R/3 versions.

Asset Planner as Single Point of Contact per Sub-Asset Group with responsabilities within the region for SC teams & Business/Sales. Responsabilities :

  • Guide Operational Schedulers
  • Ensuring product availability
  • Proper Inventory levels
  • Production plans for Operations : plants/locations, quantities, timing
  • Exception handling : downtimes, urgent orders
  • Ensuring business standards are met

Reporting Lines : Network Manager, functional figure technology driven split

Operational schedulers report functionally into Asset Planners.


Raw Material Coordinator as counterpart of Asset Planners are functions technology based and responsable of inventory levels of raw materials. Responsabilities :

  • process standardisation and optimisation
  • inventory optimisation within the network
  • crisis & shortage management
  • ensuring purchasing objectives are managed appropriately on site level

Reporting Lines : Network Manager (technology driven split).

Raw material planners report functionally into Raw Material Coordinator.



Roles covered June 2004 – May 2012

within Supply Chain Operations


Projects :

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